Adaptive Fleet Management
3 min readDec 16, 2020


Any organization or firm that needs commercial vehicles to function takes the help of fleet management services. The main purpose to offer fleet management services is to manage the performance of the fleet and to look over to the maintenance of the fleet so that the business functions well and there is increased productivity. All the fleet management companies use telematics software or fleet management software for the proper functioning of the fleet services. Fleet managers play a key role in managing and handling all the operations and responsibilities related to fleet operations. They look into the fact that there is an increase in productivity and no wastage.

The main function of the fleet management services is to control the lifecycle of fleets and to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency. To manage the fleet services we need fleet management software. The main function it holds is to track the fleet from its central location and to share all the updates with the fleet manager so that he can monitor all the activities of the fleet. All the mechanical problems can easily be detected with the help of fleet management software. This helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the fleet organization.

The main aim of fleet management services is to control and operate the fleet or vehicles. There are many things that go into fleet management services such as reducing costs, to increase operational efficiency. The aim is to meet the needs of the customer and to work according to government rules and regulations for better performance. Nowadays the fleet is used in many types of industries such as service, repair, taxi, oil and gas, retail, and more. That is where fleet managers take a step forward and manage all the functions. The areas that concern fleet management are-

· Financing of the fleet.

· Purchasing fleet.

· Fuel management

· Route plan.

· Meeting consumer requirements.

· Upgrading the fleet.

· Driver management.

· Control and safety.

· Maintenance of vehicles.

Fleets are also of two types which are traditional fleets and electric fleets. The main difference between the two is the time taken to refuel them. The former takes less time than the latter. This is because the electric fleets have to be charged and the other has to be taken to the gas station to refuel it. The electric fleets take 2–8 hours to get charged according to the battery used and the traditional fleets take much lesser time.

The newer generation will surely have more of the electric fleets due to its advantages. As in the changing scenario, we need to focus more on our environment and for that, we need to stop using traditional fleets and we should switch to electric fleets for extra safety and efficiency. Soon there will be more demand for electric fleet management services.

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Adaptive Fleet Management

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